Asylum Dialogues

Due to a copyright dispute with the former director we are currently unable to perform this play. Please consider to invite one of our current plays Not One Less or Germans among the victims. A research project on the NSU by Tuğsal Moğul.

The ASYLUM DIALOGUES tell of encounters that change people, of mutual struggles in unexpected moments. One of these stories takes place in Osnabrück, where a broad alliance of people showing solidarity has already been able to prevent 30 deportations since March 2014 and has thus become a role model for many nationwide …

We hear this story firsthand, from the perspective of two young activists who are forced to play a game of cat and mouse with the police. History confronts us with the question of how much courage we can develop when initially loosely connected political actors become good friends.

The ASYLUM DIALOGUES were also created through detailed interviews, only abbreviated and without changing the language: documentary, verbatim theater.